2015 Show Dates Announced

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Alpinestars at Agenda: Las Vegas

Alpinestars is passion in motion. A passion that continues to drive us through our 50 year heritage. Our men’s collection finds its roots in all that is motorsports: from the thrill of the attack on the first turn, to the style and glamour of the victory lap, to the after party. From icons like DeCoster and Vettel, to the exotic tracks of Monaco and Dubai; this line is the celebration of motion, woven into the fabric of every Alpinestars garment. With the Spring 15 line, we reflect on the glory, the glamour, and the prestige enjoyed by our athletes – athletes who are the pulse of their sports and heroes to millions of people around the world.

For more info visit: alpinestars.com

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Akomplice at Agenda: Las Vegas

Akomplice introduces their Cut & Sew Fall ’14 Collection. Drawing inspiration from the earth tones and natural expanse of their home state of Colorado, the Akomplice crew delivers a clean, inventive collection for Fall ’14. Akomplice displays marked maturation and a continual refinement of their craft, which is evidenced by the intricacies of the fall drop.

Akomplice has applied their cut & sew methods to the entire collection, the most sophisticated of which comes in the form of the Crisp Jacket.

For more info: akomplice-clothing.com

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TAVIK at Agenda: Las Vegas

TAVIK® is an original lifestyle brand cultivated from Modern Beach Culture. Come see the new Men’s / Women’s Spring and Summer 2015 Collections.

In addition, check out the new 6.76+TAX x TAVIK zines and all new women’s exclusive apparel collections.

For more info visit: tavik.com

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BANKS at Agenda: Las Vegas

The BANKS mission is simple. To merge style and understated functionality with a sustainable approach to design and development. BANKS looks forward to presenting their Spring 2015 collection and sharing the BANKS journey at Agenda.

For more info: banks-brand.com

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CRAP Eyewear at Agenda: Las Vegas

Agenda is pleased to welcome CRAP Eyewear back for their second time to Agenda Las Vegas. The Los Angeles-based lifestyle sunglass brand will be showcasing its Holiday / Resort 2014 and Spring 2015 collections for both men and women. CRAP conducts Xtreme beach research to bring you pretty good shades with CR-39 lenses for around $50-60 retail.

Please contact wholesale@crapeyewear.com to schedule an appointment.

For more info: crapeyewear.com

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Grenade at Agenda: Las Vegas

Forged by an eclectic balance of mountain meets urban lifestyles Grenade Gloves is a lifestyle brand producing gloves, outerwear, streetwear, and accessories for people who aren’t afraid to stand out from the masses in the action sports industry. Founded 15 years ago by two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass, Grenade has remained independently operated and true to its craft.

Rebellious in nature, Grenade strives to produce high quality, technical products that are influenced by the ever changing artistic world. In an industry where originality runs dry, Grenade is an oasis of creativity. Grenade brings that spirit to Agenda and is ready to rattle a few cages.

For more info: grenadegloves.com

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Popular Demand at Agenda: Las Vegas

Popular Demand offers no apologies for its ambitious approach. With no investors – just a mere couple of credit cards – and only 4 t-shirt designs, Popular Demand debuted with zero fanfare in 2012. In under 30 months, the independently-owned brand catapulted from that handful of t-shirts to a full collection of headwear, t-shirts, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories that has been worn by world champion athletes, platinum selling music artists, high profile models, and industry moguls.

The ‘all gas, no brakes’ mentality led directly to Popular Demand opening its flagship store on the highly sought after Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles less than 2 years into the game. The brand’s product and mentality remain true to its roots – bold, loud, and unapologetic.

For more info: pdbrand.com

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Odd Sox at Agenda: Las Vegas

We are born into a society where every single person is taught the same basic ideas of conformity and influenced by a dysfunctional educational system and a monster media machine. We naturally grow up trying to fit in and try to be like everyone around us instead of finding our own voice. Rather than being taught to express ourselves and to be different, we are pressured into being normal.

Odd Sox was solely established to work against the grain and to dismantle the status quo, simply put: Stand Out, Be ODD.

For more info: oddsoxofficial.com

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Official at Agenda: Las Vegas

Official Crown of Laurel rounds out their Agenda Show attendance in Las Vegas, showing their Spring and Summer ’15 line of signature high-quality headwear. With this line, Official traces their roots back to street and skate culture- expanding on their Rider headwear for pros like Stefan Janoski, Rodrigo TX, John Cardiel and also introducing custom prints by UK illustrator Suzi Kemp.

Since 2007 Official has dedicated their time to fulfilling the void for truly premium headwear in the street and skate market. Be sure to visit them at booth D12 for a closer look at their 2015 offering.

For more info: theofficialbrand.com

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RVCA at Agenda: Las Vegas

RVCA is the Balance of Opposites. Come see the Spring 15 line which includes collaborative collections with Christian Fletcher, Alex Knost and Julian Davidson. In addition, RVCA has some new ANP collabs as well with artists, Bert Krak, Andrew Pommier, Dmote and others.

For more info: rvca.com

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